Do That Thing

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Whatever makes your soul sing, inspires you, calls you…. do that thing.  Turn your eyes and thoughts to whatever brings you bliss for that is your calling and soul’s purpose.  Replace the “should’s” with “could” and “can” and “did” and finally begin to live the life you have dreamed for yourself.  This is your own unique journey.  Might as well be true to you.

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Waiting and Waiting

The day you left I was happy for you, your life would be filled with adventures and other things.

But I would be stuck here all alone, you were the sun that made my day brighter everyday.

I couldn’t contact you for so long, it was painful counting all the days and months for you to answer…

With Love,
Your Niece

Story short, this was a letter my niece wrote while I was away for a year during training. She shared this with me today…;)

Pig and Cow

The pig was jealous of the cow because the cow seemed to be very popular with everybody. Someone advised the pig,”Don’t be jealous popularity is in proportion to one’s generosity. The cow gives her milk daily to make butter and yoghurt and cheese”. The pig was indignant saying,”Generous I’m generous! Look at all the things mankind has to thank me for my bristles make paintbrushes and my flesh makes all the pork dishes of the world.” “Don’t confuse the issue,” said the advisor, “all the things the cow gives, she gives while she is still living!” Ever wondered why the people who are only generous in their will are never very popular?

Give with faith, respect, the right time, the intention to help, and no regrets! May the power of your generosity bring you everlasting happiness and fulfill your every wish in return!


Your patience is like a merchant awaiting for his profits return. Not knowing whether it will be returned safely, shipwrecked, or astray in the storm lost in the vastness of the sea, but yet you still wait with love, patience, and calm for its safe harbor. Hoping that one day it will set its anchor once again upon the docks that you gazed upon from its first departure.